Welcome to Colchester Croquet Club


We will be following the guidelines outlined by the Croquet Association:

We are allowed to play croquet again albeit under limited rules . (www.croquet.org.uk)

Below is what we should be doing:

  • Courts must be booked on-line. If unable to attend, please make sure the booking is cancelled.
  • The Clubhouse will be open only for use of the toilets, if necessary, hand washing and ball collection.
  • Please take your own food, drink AND MUG with you, even water!
  • Please wash or sanitise your hands before and after play. Both spray sanitizer and antiseptic wipes will be provided on the table inside the door.
  • Should you need to borrow a mallet please select one and take it home with you for use only whilst present conditions pertain.
  • Individual practice or singles games, maximum two people to each court for both AC and GC. 2 metre distancing must be observed at all times.
  • Please consider the boundaries of our neighbours and maintain 2m distancing from their boundary. Please take extra care to maintain distancing when retrieving balls that may have come to rest near to a boundary.
  • Please handle the balls as little as possible by using your feet where appropriate and sanitise the balls at the end of the game.
  • Please do not touch the peg, hoops, flags or stop boards but take relief instead. In GC do not use pegs for hoops scored but use your memory, having checked with your opponent each time. Do not use the bisque sticks for AC handicap play. Either write them down using your own pen and paper or record them on your phone.
  • In AC clips will have to be used but handled only by the person playing with those colours then sanitised at the end of the game.
  • The last person, who locks up, must sanitise the door handle, key and padlock then please take the wipe home to dispose of it.


There will be no doubles for the foreseeable future but all the single competitions will take place observing the above rules

There will be no notices pinned to the board.

Croquet is one of the finest outdoor sports. It is a friendly game combining ball skills as well as tactics, it’s relatively easy to understand, and it’s fun to play.

We are always pleased to receive new members, of any age or level of experience from beginner to advanced. If you are an experienced club or match player, please click on our club section to learn more about the club and how to get in touch.

If you are thinking of taking up croquet from scratch, please keep reading this section for a brief introduction to the game and its benefits.

Why play croquet?

Croquet is an enjoyable, sociable game that can be played by people of any age and of either sex.

There are two principal forms of the game – Association and Golf.

Association Croquet is a game of complex strategy and high levels of skill, and is similar in many ways to games like snooker or pool.

Golf Croquet is quick to learn, but requires accuracy and tactics to master.

Both forms of the game may be played as singles or doubles and many people enjoy playing both, as skills learned in one form of the game may be applied to the other.

Croquet’s effective handicap system recognises smart thinking as much as physical skill, so everyone has a good chance of winning.

As with any game, the best players probably start young, but many take it up after retiring from more energetic pursuits. It can be as skilful as you want it to be – advanced players can take it very seriously, but most club members probably see it as a relaxing and friendly way of passing an afternoon.

About the club

The club was formed in 1926, and is based in Elianore Road, Colchester.

Our main season runs from April to October, and membership is open to people of any age. We also have winter access to the lawns when weather allows. New recruits are always welcome, and all members have the use of our equipment as well as access to coaching from our more experienced players.

For both formats of the game, there are internal events and regional and national leagues and tournaments for those who wish to play competitively. These cater for all levels of player from beginner to expert.

Interested in playing?

Before deciding whether to join the club, prospective members are welcome to try the game. See our taking part section for details, and contact us if you want more information.