Advantage Play Rules

Advantage GC is a simple way for players of differing abilities to play each other using level play rules and with each having an equal chance of winning. Players will usually start the game with a score other than 0:0. Stronger players may start with a negative score and weaker players with a positive one.

As is usual the game ends when one side reaches a score of 7.

It should be appreciated that the winner may well have physically run more than 7 hoops (from a negative start) or may have physically run less than 7 hoops (from a positive start). The winner will only have physically run exactly 7 hoops if their starting score was zero.

Hoops are played in the same order as usual for a 13-point game with occasional extension to hoop 14 (hoop 4) and exceptionally to hoop 15 (hoop 1). Advantage games can end at any hoop from 5 to 15. If the score reaches 6:6 play continues with the deciding hoop being the next hoop in order.


A doubles game can be played by calculating the mean handicap for each team (half the sum of the two handicaps) with halves rounded up. The starting score for each team can then be obtained from the table using the mean handicaps.


Players should reference the table below using their handicap.

The starting score for a game is found at the intersection of the corresponding column (stronger player) and row (weaker player) and is listed as Stronger : Weaker.

For example, a game involving players with a handicap of 12 and 7 would result in the stronger player starting on -1 and the weaker on +1. Therefore, to win, the stronger player would need to run eight hoops and the weaker just six.