Over-Fifties’ Midweek Handicap (AC) Tournament 28/29 June

The over 50s tournament was hosted this year by Al Brown here at Colchester. It is usually a 3 day event but with only 6 entrants this year it was agreed the format to be that everyone was to play each other with games timed out between 2.5 to 3 hours. There were some very close games, many coming down to winning plus one or two.

The winner was Roger Bowman a member at St Albans and Watford. Playing from a handicap of 11, but on the day playing so well you would have thought him in single figures, won 4 of his 5 games.

The trophy has yet to be located so Roger was awarded a CCC mug by the manager, Al Brown.

We hope to see more entrants next year. If you’re interested in playing please visit the Croquet Association fixtures calendar.

Submitted by Al Brown.

Al Brown & Roger Bowman.