GC Eastern Region Handicap League 18th August 2023

It was mixed blessings for both Colchester Croquet Club Handicap League players and their opponents Maldon Pavilion as a result of both teams final block group match of the season. With the outcome placing either team top of the league and through to the regional semifinals. Maldon’s Team consisted of Captain Chris Joslin, Graham Parker, Neil Clark and Tony White against Colchester’s Alex Wood, Marilyn Wood, Kev Croot, Robert Jacklin and non-playing captain Stephen Scrase.

With four games lost by Colchester on the golden hoop Maldon came out the 11 to 7 winners. This placed them equal on eight league points with Colchester, but as Colchester have a superior Game difference and Net Hoop score we are the league winners.

Our matches against Maldon are always enjoyable with this vital match being played in a genial and friendly manner despite both teams keen to win by the margin needed to put them top of the league.

Chris Joslin summed up the result by stating ”we won the battle but lost the war, during a tough match between two well matched sides”

Colchester are now through to the semi-final against the Northern league winners to be played at Newport Croquet Club ground on September 10th.

Stephen, Marilyn, Kev, Robert & Alex.