Rotten Clubhouse Window (above ladies changing room)

As Hugh’s glamorous assistant I am pleased to report back that we have completed the proposed mid-term solution to the rotten window sill at the back of the clubhouse. 

The seal was so rotten we could pull it out with our fingers. The rot continued for about three metres at which point the wood was in good, not perfect, shape. Hugh chiselled out the last few inches and ensured we had removed enough sill to be flush with the brickwork. 

We then affixed a facia to the brickwork that Hugh had prepared and treated in the workshop on his estate. 

In addition, he had chamfered a number of pieces of wood to provide a run off. These were glued with CT1, a strong adhesive, to the metal windows and tacked and glued to the top of the new facia, thus:

Finally, the run-offs were planned flush with the fascia and a bitumen flashing applied over the top – to further enhance the solution and protect the new wood. A roofing sealant was applied to fully seal the window to the flashing. 

As we had some flashing left over we covered the remaining sill to protect it from further damage. 

Finally, we noticed that the roof covering on top of the kitchen was not covering the kitchen roof adequately at the top. We therefore used the rest of the flashing to create a better seal. 

Here is the finished article. 

Thanks to Hugh for his design acumen, exemplary workmanship and budgeting. The total cost including tower hire should come in at less than £200. 

Thanks Hugh.