Using the Solo Contactless Payment Machine

We are pleased to announce we now have a Solo contactless payment machine. The Solo is located on the back bar counter (under the glass shelf) for onsite purchase such as Refreshments, Bar, Snacks, Club Lunch or Tournament Lunches. There is a copy of these instructions on the wall to the left hand side of the machine’s location.

  • Take the plastic cover off the machine and follow these instructions
  • Turn the Solo on using the power button located on the right-hand side. Press it again if screen doesn’t light up straight away
  • Tap on the screen to bring up the currency screen if it states ‘Update’ tap on this to continue
  • Enter the charge amount (minimum £1.00)
  • Before tapping ‘Charge’ tap on the little square in the top right-hand corner with a pencil point to add your name and item description i.e. Refreshments, Bar, Snacks, Club Lunch or Tournament Lunch. This enables the Treasurer (Patricia) to identify the transaction more easily
  • When ‘Please Tap‘ appears on the screen, this is the prompt for you to pay by either:
    • either tapping your contactless card or phone on the Solo’s screen, or
    • inserting your card into the slot on top of the Solo
  • If you want a receipt tap ‘Yes’ and tap the little envelope located at the left hand bottom corner and enter your email address. Then tap the tick and it will send one to you.

Whilst we are new to using the Solo could you send Patricia an email, message or write in
the book on the counter the date, name, item purchased and amount.

Membership is still to be paid either Online, by Bank Transfer, Cheque(s) or Cash. NOT on the contactless Solo machine.