Annual Authentication of Handicap Cards

Please arrange an annual review of your cards. For GC this is Ian Cumming, Ann Brookes and Pam Hopper. For AC this is Nick Steiner and Georgeen Hemming.

Regular tournament players will have a long recorded history of results, which gives substance to their current handicap, but players just starting to play in league matches and tournaments may have little recorded history to back up their handicap. It is the duty of the Club Handicapper to see that the player’s card is completed correctly and authenticated – this provides traceability should there be any problems or queries over their handicap.

Generally, a handicap card with at least ten recorded games in one season will allow the handicap and index to be carried over into the following season. But where there are fewer than ten games recorded, the Club Handicapper should consider the results carefully and decide whether to authorise or adjust the handicap for the start of the next season. This is a key goal of the annual review of all handicap cards in the club.