Colchester GC Eastern Region Handicap League

The League have published a provisional league fixture list which can be viewed on-line. This year the league teams are the same with both Chelmsford and Maldon fielding two teams, whilst Colchester and Southchurch are fielding one team each. An advantage this year being we have three home games and two away games [last year it was the reverse].

Captain Stephen Scrase is looking for willing Club members ready to play in the league subject to selection and availability. He plans to broaden the number playing this year, and is especially keen for those players with higher handicaps and those of a low handicap with a reasonable standard of play. Each match requires a team of four and takes a full day comprising of two doubles and four singles games all using Advantage rules and players wearing whites.

The match dates are as follows:

Round 1 against Southchurch, home to be played by 12th May  

Round 2 against Chelmsford Blue, home to be played by 9th June

Round 3 against Chelmsford Reds, away to be played by 7th July

Round 4 against Maldon Pavilion, away to be played by 3rd August

Round 5 against Maldon Lakeside, home to be played by 31st August  

Contact Stephen Scrase if you wish to take part this year.