GC Winter League Winner

What a great tournament it turned out to be! With 30 members participating in 87 matches and 400 games, it truly showcased the strength of our club and the dedication of its members, braving both the cold and the rain to compete. In the end, it came down to just two contenders: Martin Tunmore, a GC novice at point of entry, and Georgeen Hemming, battling it out for the title. In a thrilling second game Georgeen made an impressive comeback from a 2-5 deficit for Martin, ever the gentleman, to graciously put Georgeen’s ball into the jaws of the winning hoop for Georgeen to seal the victory.

Huge thanks to Marilyn Wood for conceiving and flawlessly organising the competition. With such enthusiastic participation, it’s clear this must become an annual fixture, Marilyn!

As a testament to its success we have repurposed an existing trophy to honour the winner, officially establishing the event as the Reg Girling GC Winter League.

The Winner of the Ted Girling Cup – Georgeen Hemming and runner-up Martin Tunmore.