EACF Handicap League May 3rd

Last Friday it rained solidly from 08:00 in the morning until late into the evening, making it one of the wettest days of a very wet year. 

Regrettably, on that very day, our EACF Handicap League team, led by captain Stephen Scrase and featuring members Pat De Burca, Marilyn, and Alex Wood, faced off against Southchurch in the inaugural match of the season.

Southchurch fielded a high handicap team (3 12’s and a 5) and, under Advantage rules, Colchester started on minus hoops for most games. Our lawns held up well, despite a few puddles in the corners and at 3 o’clock – wet, bedraggled and tired – the teams squelched into the clubhouse for some well-earned tea and (Angela’s delicious) cake. The final score was 17-1 to Colchester. 

Congratulations to the team, and well done to Southchurch for keeping their spirits up and competing well on lawns much faster than they are used to. 

Spectator Hugh with his unique sense of occasion.