EACF Handicap League May 21st

On Tuesday, May 21st, Colchester faced Chelmsford Blue in their second Handicap League match. Despite the forecast predicting light rain and showers, the weather was just as harsh as during their first match, with rain starting at 11:00 and intensifying throughout the day.

Chelmsford fielded a team of two 4 handicappers, an 11, and a 12, while Colchester’s team comprised two 4s, a 5, and an 8. Under Advantage rules, Colchester began most games on minus hoops.

The match was tightly contested and stood at 3 games each when Chelmsford had a remarkable run, winning the next block of singles 4-0. Colchester mounted a comeback, and with the final game still in play, the score was 9-8 in Chelmsford’s favor.

In the final game, with rain pouring down and the last hoop in contention, Chelmsford clinched the victory. The final score was 10-8, with a hoop score of 104-100 – a truly close and well-matched encounter.

Commiserations to the team (Captain Stephen Scrase, Pat De Burca, Marilyn, and Alex Wood) and congratulations to Chelmsford.