Fence Repair

The dream team of Hugh Brown, Alex Wood, Martin Tunmore, and Kev Croot, had a successful day repairing, replacing, and securing the front fences.

Last winter’s strong winds caused several fence panels to blow out, compromising the club’s security and posing a risk of wayward panels creating havoc in the neighborhood. Over Christmas, Hugh and his wife Beak temporarily shored up the panels to prevent them from becoming a flight risk and to secure the club.

Hugh then developed and prepared the necessary carpentry solutions and organised a volunteer team, comprising Alex Wood, Martin Tunmore, and Kev Croot. Today, after Hugh’s meticulous preparation, the team worked diligently in the baking heat to repair, replace, and secure all the front panels. Their efforts included ensuring the panels are sturdy enough to withstand the wind, preventing bowing and snapping, and removing the roots and ivy that were causing misalignment.

A big thank you to the team for their hard work and dedication in making the club more presentable and secure.