Booking Lawns and Weekly Schedule

All four courts are available for booking, from April to October (actual start and end dates being controlled by the weather), using the on-line booking system here.

There is also a terminal situated in the clubhouse at the end of the notice board on the left where you can view and make bookings.

To use this system you will need to be a member and have been allocated a User Name and Password by our booking system administrator – see the new member’s welcome pack for details.

For assistance with any problems which you experience with the on-line booking system please contact the booking system administrator.

Your membership allows you to play at almost any time from dawn to dusk on any day other than when there are Croquet Association tournaments or matches or when internal competition days are being held.

During the summer season Monday afternoons have all four courts reserved for a Golf Croquet (GC) roll-up. On Thursdays, in the summer, courts one and two are reserved for the whole day for a GC roll-up. These are called roll-ups because as a member you can just come along (roll up) and join in; no need to book. They’re great for meeting people and provide a fantastic opportunity to learn from more seasoned players. Just ask for some coaching and you’re sure to improve in no time.

Throughout the summer the lawns are cut on Tuesday and Friday mornings (weather permitting) but play should be possible by at least 9.30am on those days. 

Also, on a Sunday afternoons in the summer two lawns are reserved from 13:00 to 17:30 pm, when you will be able to play and bring guests for free if you wish. It may be advisable however, to bring a partner on a Sunday in case no-one else turns up!

Courts can be booked in 30 minute increments for Association Croquet, Golf Croquet, or any other forms of the game.

It should be noted that certain times are blocked out for tournaments, in-house competitions, club days, external bookings and court maintenance.

If you are first on a lawn please swish the worm casts before playing. Swishers can be found in the overhang at the front of the shed. Failing to do so can damage the lawns.

If you are last to leave the club please check the wooden dividers in both the top and bottom lawns have been swivelled away from the sprinkler systems. This ensures the sprinklers are not hampered from reaching all of the lawns.

To ensure that the on-line booking system works smoothly, will all members kindly note and action the following:

1. If, for any reason, you are unable to play on a court that you have booked, please cancel it so that others may use it. Since this can be done on line it shouldn’t prove too difficult.

2. Golf Croquet and Association Croquet should not be played on the same court. To ensure that your booking is correctly identified, please make the correct selection from the drop-down boxes on the booking page. Please enter the names of all players in the brief description.

3. Bookings should not be made more than 4 weeks ahead. Exceptions are CA events, tournaments and in-house matches where, because of unusual circumstances (e.g. one player taking very long holidays), there is no other choice.

The lawns are usually cut early Tuesday and Friday mornings. This activity is supposed to be completed by 9.30 pm.