GC Winter League

Real-time league positions can be found here

The matches will be played off handicap using the Advantage Play rules. For those who are not familiar with it there’s a page here that explains them.

Dependent on the number of entrants a number of leagues will be created of circa seven or eight members. Within each league every player is expected to play every other. The winner of each league match will receive one point, the loser zero. The matches will be singles, best of three games, and will not count towards your handicap. As usual, first to play will be decided by the toss of a coin.

Players will be responsible for arranging their own matches at a mutually convenient date and time. Please book courts for your matches and be prepared to double bank if necessary using the secondary colours.
In order to have time for the knockout series, the last date for playing League matches will be Sunday 18th February.  Don’t worry if you don’t manage to play all of your league matches – just try to play as many as you can. Obviously, the more games you play (and win) the better your chance of winning your league.

Sheets in the Clubhouse will show the league(s) and the means for recording scores. Please record your COMPLETE match scores on the league sheets (which will be on the notice board in the Clubhouse) and email them to cccresults@gmail.com to enable real-time positions here. Please write your own score first. For example, if you win a game by 7 hoops to 5, write 7-5, if you lose by 7 hoops to 5, write 5-7. Do this for each game that you play within the match.

If you do not have a handicap and are very new (i.e. you have joined this year) your playing handicap will be 12. Otherwise, if you have played for a while but don’t yet have a handicap please play off 10.

In order to protect the courts from damage please remember that out of season jump shots are not allowed.

Once all the league matches are played or we reach the closing date we will enter the knockout process. With four leagues this process will comprise of the top two of each league will go through to said knockout process. In the event of a tie, games won will be taken into account.  If there is still a tie, hoops run will be counted. Don’t worry about the math – Marilyn will do this – you just need to record your scores! The winner of each league will play the runner-up of another league in the quarter finals, the four winners will play in two semifinals. The two winners will then play each other to determine the overall CCC winter league winner.