Golf Croquet

A simple introduction


The game is played with four balls, Blue and Black versus Red and Yellow. Each turn consists of just one shot, and play is strictly in sequence: Blue, then Red, then Black, Yellow and Blue again.

Each side aims to run one of their balls through the next hoop in sequence before the opposition. The player running the hoop scores a point. The hoop sequence is below.

As soon as one ball is successful, that side scores a point, and attention passes to the next hoop in the sequence. The first side to seven points is the winner.

Basic tactics involve either:

  • Running your ball through the hoop
  • Stopping your opponent running the hoop either by:
    • Knocking their ball to a position where hoop running is less possible
    • Placing one of your balls between their ball and the hoop
  • Positioning your ball to go through the hoop next turn
  • Reducing your opponent’s ability to prevent your other well placed ball from running the hoop by either:
    • Knocking the ball they will play next to a position where preventing you running the hoop is less possible
    • Placing one of your balls between their ball and your ball.

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There’s more detail available in the Basic Rules of Golf Croquet here, or visit the Croquet Association website for the full World Croquet Federation Rules of Golf Croquet.