The Groundskeeper is responsible for ensuring that the club’s lawns are maintained to a standard and that all the facilities are safe and welcoming for members, guests and visitors.


Ensure relevant Health & Safety procedures are in place. Organise volunteers to assist in the maintenance and development of the courts and grounds e.g trimming trees, hedges, and shrubs, and preventing and eliminating weeds.

Planning and budgeting

Prior to the committee meeting leading up to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), furnish the Treasurer with a comprehensive annual expense plan for integration into the year’s budget planning. This plan should encompass:

  • a) A detailed lawn maintenance program developed with Duncan Hector outlining scheduled tasks and associated costs.
  • b) A costed inventory of proposed upgrades or refurbishments for lawn equipment, including but not limited to sprinkler systems, tractors, lawn mowers and spreaders.
  • c) An itemised list of anticipated expenditures for other grounds-related tasks such as hedge trimming, car park maintenance, and shed upkeep. 

All proposed expenditures necessitate pre-approval by the Treasurer before procurement.


Collaborate closely with Stuart from J’s Garden Services to diligently execute the lawn maintenance program according to the established schedule and invoices. Verify the functionality of the sprinkler system consistently throughout the summer months, ensuring that the pop-up mechanisms remain accessible at all times. Organise the spreading of soil conditioner and biogran in accordance with the designated schedule, coordinating volunteers for top-dressing and the repair of minor damage to playing areas as required.

Continuously monitor the courts and grounds for signs of weeds, mushrooms, pests, and diseases, promptly recommending and organising appropriate actions to mitigate their impact.

Collaborate with Martin Tunmore regarding when winter/summer lawns should be set out and enforce or lift Winter Rules as deemed necessary for optimal turf care. During the winter season, proactively manage the grass along the boundaries to prevent obstruction during the preparation of the summer courts, ensuring seamless transitions between seasons and optimal playing conditions throughout the year.

Machinery & Water Tank

Regularly inspect and maintain all lawn care equipment and machinery to ensure they are in optimal condition and sharpened for maximum efficiency and precision. Always verify that the lawn mower settings are correctly adjusted. Additionally, ensure the shed’s petrol canister is consistently filled with the appropriate fuel.

Arrange the filling of the water tank at the start of the summer and the draining at the end of the summer.


Undertake the procurement and timely delivery of top dressing and chemicals and overseeing their storage.