Job Title: Membership Secretary


The Membership Secretary plays a critical role in managing the club’s membership database, facilitating member interactions, and supporting the recruitment and retention of club members. They serve as a primary point of contact for membership related inquiries and administrative tasks.


  • Membership Administration: Maintain accurate records of club memberships with changes in contact information, membership status, and preferences as needed. Circulate members list annually and keep members informed of the data held on them so that they can ensure ongoing accuracy. Maintain a membership application form and process membership applications informing the Treasurer of all payments due. Notify the Court Booking Administrator promptly upon the admission of new members to facilitate smooth integration. Keep the Croquet England Directory updated with any relevant changes as needed.
  • Membership cancellations: Suggest social membership as an alternative to playing membership. Ask for the return of any keys. Remove their details from the club databases and Croquet England Directory.
  • Membership Communication: Serve as a central point of contact for membership inquiries, providing information on membership benefits, fees, events, and club policies. Respond promptly to email inquiries, phone calls, and correspondence from current and prospective members. Ensure all new members receive an introductory pack and are welcomed to the club. Communicate with new members to offer help, advice, and encouragement.
  • Membership Recruitment: Assist in developing strategies and initiatives to attract new members to the club. Coordinate membership drives, open houses, and promotional events to showcase the benefits of joining the club and encourage participation.
  • Membership Renewals: Send out membership renewal notices late February and follow up with reminders in a timely manner. Follow up with members who have not renewed their memberships to encourage retention and address any concerns or questions they may have.

Membership Reporting: Prepare regular reports on membership statistics for review at committee meetings. In September, fill out the Croquet England form requesting full memberships.