Job Title: Secretary


The Secretary of the Croquet Club plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth administrative operations and effective communication within the club. They act as a central point of contact for members, and external parties, handling a variety of administrative tasks to support the club’s activities. 


  • Communication: As the holder of the email address, serve as the primary link between the club and its members as well as the initial point of contact for external entities such as Croquet England, Colchester Council and the club Solicitors; Ellisons. Foster a strong sense of community among club members by facilitating effective communication channels. Manage inbound and outbound communications, disseminate important information, event updates, and announcements through various mediums including email, newsletters, notice boards, and the club’s website. Collect and distribute mail received via the club’s postbox. 
  • Committee Meetings: Coordinate and arrange committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Prepare the agenda and record meeting minutes. Offer draft minutes for review and approval by the committee, then circulate finalised minutes to all attendees for ratification prior to making available to all members for reference. 
  • AGM Coordination: Coordinate and manage the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by gathering all requisite documents, preparing an agenda, and disseminating it to members with sufficient notice. Ensure that the AGM proceedings adhere to the Club Constitution. Maintain a record of attendees. Facilitate the election of committee members by providing timely notice of proposals. Deliver Secretary’s report. Capture detailed meeting minutes. Present draft minutes for committee approval and subsequently for attendee endorsement before circulating the finalised version to all members.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintain and update club documents, including roles and responsibilities bylaws, policies, and procedures. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.