One Ball Competition 2021

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The Ratcliffe Cup

One ball Handicap play( one third bisques…See chart) BEST OF THREE
Round 1
(Play before 15th June)
(Play before 24th July)
(Play before 22nd Aug)
(Play before 22nd Sep)
1.Colin Hemming QF1 Colin Hemming QF1 Winner
SF1 Winner
vs. Jane Collier
2.John Andrewsvs. John Andrews
vs. David Ebert
3.Stephen JacklinQF2 Rich Waterman vs. Rich Waterman
vs. Rich Waterman
4.Rachel Jacklinvs. Martin Tunmore
vs. Martin Tunmore
5.Rosalind FairchildQF3 Peter Kenward Ian Cummingvs. SF2 Winner
vs. Peter Kenward
6.Ian Cummingvs. Ian Cumming
vs. Jill Waters
7.Celia PearceQF4 Patricia Drinkwater vs. QF4 Winner
vs. Patricia Drinkwater
8.Georgeen Hemmingvs. Robert Jacklin
vs. Robert Jacklin