One Ball Competition 2021

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The Ratcliffe Cup

One ball Handicap play( one third bisques…See chart) BEST OF THREE
Round 1
(Play before 15th June)
(Play before 24th July)
(Play before 22nd Aug)
(Play before 22nd Sep)
1.Colin Hemming QF1 Winner Match 1 QF1 Winner
SF1 Winner
vs. Jane Collier
2.John Andrewsvs. Winner Match 2
vs. David Ebert
3.Stephen JacklinQF2 Winner Match 3 vs. QF2 Winner
vs. Rich Waterman
4.Rachel Jacklinvs. Winner Match 4
vs. Martin Tunmore
5.Rosalind FairchildQF3 Winner Match 5 QF3 Winnervs. SF2 Winner
vs. Peter Kenward
6.Ian Cummingvs. Winner Match 6
vs. Jill Waters
7.Celia PearceQF4 Winner Match 7 vs. QF4 Winner
vs. Patricia Drinkwater
8.Georgeen Hemmingvs. Winner Match 8
vs. Robert Jacklin